Growing Chefs!

October 15th marks the beginning of the garlic planting season. Garlic grows great in urban Vancouver so here are a few tips to get you started.

Start by selecting healthy seed stock. The farmer’s market will have various varieties of locally grown, organic garlic to choose from. Did you know that each variety of garlic will have a unique flavour profile and spice level? Ask the farmer about this and choose a garlic variety that suits your palate preference. Keep in mind that the bigger the garlic clove is when planted the bigger the bulb will be at harvest time.

Garlic loves well drained, rich soil in a sunny location. Soil can be boosted by adding compost or manure. Separate cloves, without peeling them, and plant individually pointy tip up approximately 2″ deep and 6″ apart. Plant is rows or have fun with it and plant in circles or other…

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    Natalie said,

    I live just down the street and would love to join the community garden, but I can’t find any contact information.

    Could you let me know who I should contact, and if you are accepting new members?


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