Blueberries added to the garden

Recently we managed to get 40 Blueberry plants from a farm in Langley that was changing the variety to an earlier harvest type.  What a score!  Thanks Cinthia for arranging the delivery.  blueberry bushes were planted along the fence in the back as well as the one in the front.  Holes were dug, peat moss was mixed in the hole and the berry bushes were added.  Check out some of the pictures of the new shed (almost done!) and the new apple trees that the city has planted along the boulevard between the garden and the sidewalk.

example of cover crop

example of cover crop

new shed

New shed almost complete

Here’s the new apple trees planted by the city


new apple tree

new apple tree


Blueberries !!

Garden ready for spring!


garden in late fall

garden in early spring

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    Reneth said,

    So excited having our own blue berries this summer…never think of it 🙂 Looking forward to fun year at the Garden again. More events coming up!

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