Get Composting!

Composting is natures way of recycling. Weeds and leaves, grass clippings, vegetable peels, and various other organic wastes are turned into humus. It’s an essential soil conditioner richer than anything we can buy!


Here is how Wikipedia  explains composting:

Composting is the purposeful biodegradation of organic matter, such as yard and food waste. The decomposition is performed by micro-organisms, mostly bacteria, but also yeasts and fungi. In low temperature phases a number of macro-organisms, such as springtails, ants, nematodes, isopods and red wigglers also contribute to the process, as well as soldier fly, fruit flies and fungus gnats. There are a wide range of organisms in the decomposer community.

Now don’t let that scare you from trying it out. The city of Vancouver offers plenty of info and even Home and apartment composters  available at a low cost. check out this link to get more info.

Our Family has been composting for many years and have reduced our garbage output by at least 30% !! and at the same time provided some amazing nutrients to our flower beds

Metro Vancouver also have a wonderful brochure you can print out that lets you know what does and doesn’t go in a compost and how to  take care of your compost.

check it out here:

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    Cinthia said,

    Wow! The blog is fabulous!
    I will spread the word and let people know about it. And we should definitely work together! Great work.

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